Vision & Mision


Rentalindo Visual Mandiri is a leading provider of professional visual and audio equipment rental services operating in Indonesia. We have built a strong reputation for delivering cutting-edge technology solutions for event and production needs across various industries. Our vision is to be a trusted partner that fulfills all our customers’ professional visual and audio requirements. We are committed to providing high-quality services, the latest equipment, and innovative solutions that ensure the success of every event and production. With a wide range of top-quality equipment including projectors, projection screens, sound systems, lighting, cameras, stage equipment, and conference gear, all sourced from reputable manufacturers, we deliver exceptional visual and audio experiences. Supported by our experienced team of professionals, including skilled technicians who offer technical assistance, proper equipment setup, and reliable operational support throughout the event, we also provide consultancy services to help customers select the right equipment within their needs and budget. Whether it’s conferences, seminars, concerts, exhibitions, corporate events, weddings, or film productions, Rentalindo Visual Mandiri has the expertise to meet diverse event requirements. We pride ourselves on responsive customer service, meeting tight deadlines, and offering competitive prices. Committed to environmental sustainability, we adopt socially and environmentally responsible business practices. Partner with Rentalindo Visual Mandiri today and discover how we can ensure the success of your events and productions with the best visual and audio equipment available.


Our Vision 

To become the premier Audio-Visual and staging rental company in Indonesia in terms of profitability, sales and customer satisfaction through creative and attractive innovative products from all competent staff employees with national and international reach.

Our Mision
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